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How to use myWAY as part of a team

How to be a great team member

Congratulations! You have been invited to be part of an amazing person’s career planning journey using myWAY Employability. We refer to them as a ‘myWAYer’ – because they have an active role in planning for their future career and can do it in their own way.

Please consider this request carefully: Do you have the time and commitment to accept the challenge? If yes, you are now part of a team that can make a positive difference to a myWAYer's life. What a privilege!

What’s involved?

Being a team member is an important role. You might consider how you can support a myWAYer with: 

  • Goal setting and tracking progress
  • Work experience, job seeking and career development

  • Exploration and decision making about further education, professional learning, and training; and

  • Development of employability or 'soft skills' such as team work and communication skills

You may be asked to join in regular team meetings to help a myWAYer focus on a plan of action and stay on track to achieve their goals.  

Most importantly, as a team member it’s important to stay positive and encourage the myWAYer to be at the centre of their own career planning, in the driver’s seat, taking charge of their decisions and actions.

How to use myWAY Employability

Step 1. Get to know the myWAY Employability resources so that you can support the myWAYer to use it to their best advantage! 

Step 2. Support the myWAYer to set a “big sky dream” and write it on their “dashboard”. This is one job they would like to do more than anything in the world. Encourage them to dream big!

Step 3. Support the myWAYer to complete the quizzes to help them build a profile of their interests, strengths and sensory/learning preferences. We suggest that they do their quizzes over several days rather than in one go.

Step 4. Support the myWAYer to explore careers that match their profiles. 

Step 5. Encourage them to read some of the myWAY resource articles. 

And, if the myWAYer assigns you with an action to help them with a goal, please make sure you understand the support they require and follow through. 

On a final note, it is likely that you will see changes in the development of the amazing person you are supporting: there will be lots of personal growth but also some bumps along the road. Help them to adopt a growth mindset, and stay focused on their Big Sky Dream. Provide them with feedback, emotional support, learning, and growth - and of course, remember to have fun! 

How to use myWAY

myWAY Employability is an initiative of the Autism CRC, which receives funding from the Australian Government

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